Friday, October 5, 2012

1058 Hoagie, La Pastrami

Happy October pastrami fans!

We have one of the most exciting weekends in the Bay Area coming up.

My friend Billy sums it all up for us here:
"So things going on this weekend include but are not limited too: Fleet week, Oktoberfest, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, North Beach parade, Castro street fair, A's playoff game, Giants playoff game, Madonna Concert, 49er's game, Beer Olympics, and the World Cup Yacht's making me thursty"
If you're in SF this weekend you've won, as October is truly the best time to be in the Bay Area. The weather heats up a bit and we get the Blue Angels zoom-zooming over the Bay. Check out the video.

This post I'm featuring 1058 Hoagie - the new Italian place from the same owner as the Deli Board.

The sandwiches from 1058 can best be described in one word : Large. Damn these thing are like torpedoes. They're so big I haven't been able to finish a large sized one in one sitting and I think my jaw would probably hurt after all that chewing if I did anyway. I mean it's the size of a 2-liter bottle of soda!

I came in yesterday to try the pastrami hoagie. It was very good - the sesame seed roll with that Romanian pastrami were fabulous - but I think the real treat and difference from the DB was the sauce. It was a garlicky Italian deli sauce that will rival some other sauces I know around town (Ike's, Lucca's). It's similar and I hope to see more of it at 1058!

 Pastrami Hoagie - 1058

1058 Hoagie is open M-F during lunch hours stop by and tell Adam I sent you and he'll hook your sandwich up fat, but it's not like any extra is needed! :-)

The second place I'd like to discuss is La Pastrami. This is way overdue for me - I should have reviewed this place right when they opened, but it took me some time to get to it.

La Pastrami is a food truck that sells everything with pastrami. They have an original sandwich which is more like a french dip from the Hat in LA, but they also have grilled pastrami sandwiches like a Reuben at a Jewish deli. If that wasn't enough, they have pastrami fries, pastrami tacos, and I've even seen pastrami adobo on the menu. Impressive.

So, why the name La pastrami? It's because their flagship sandwich is a pastrami on a french roll with with yellow mustard and pickles. It's an homage to the pastrami French dip of Los Angeles - Johnny's Pastrami or The Hat - both are LA institutions.

La Pastrami - Grilled sandiwch

 OK now for the review of the pastrami. I ordered the pastrami melt which came on rye bread with jack cheese and coleslaw. The pastrami was salty but the brine (peppery edge) was non existent which resulted in ham-bacon-like pastrami. Salty, not peppery.

Was it a bad sandwich? No - it was A-OK. Was it a great pastrami sandwich? No - it was mediocre pastrami on some OK bread.

 Delicious Pastrami Fries!

The salt+pepper fries were delicious, as were the pastrami fries. It's fast food pastrami though and that doesn't necessarily tickle my pickle as much a good Jewish deli pastrami sandwich. Try the fries!

Enjoy the weekend and I have lots of pastrami to talk about. I know I've been slow to post lately, but I've been compiling material. Ciao!