Thursday, January 14, 2010

National Hot Pastrami Day, Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop

This is an emergency posts of sorts - today is National Hot Pastrami Sandwich day. I was unaware until late last night Max's Deli in Birmingham, Alabama informed me over Facebook about the National holiday. From doing a little more research it looks like the day was conjured up by the deli franchise Togo's. "Our hope is to remind our guests about our fantastic pastrami and add a little spice to their lives on January 14."said Renae Scott, Togo's VP of Marketing. While I'm not a big Togo's fans, I can appreciate what they're trying to do and they are giving away free mini pastrami sandwiches to the first 100 people that show up between 3 and 5 PM today. Take advantage if you feel like it! I think you should celebrate the Holiday by going to your favorite deli and having a pastrami, making sure to thank your deli man for the hard work they put in, just so your lunch tastes good. I'm probably going to Ted's Market around lunchtime for my pastrami. If you go to a deli today or this following weekend to celebrate the holiday please leave comments on the blog letting readers know where you went!

Diyana Sandwich - Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop

BAM, BAM! The pickle unleashes his mustard and mayo from his bandoleer holster! Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop is located at South Van Ness and 20th Street in SF, you'll notice the large pickle wood carving resembling a pickle Pancho Villa on the outside.

Don't Mess with Mr. Pickle!

At Mr. Pickles they have specialty sandwiches called things like the SFSU gators, the Station 7, and the Illers. The pastrami sandwich is known as the Diyana. The pastrami is thick and tasty, but falls short of the holy trinity of M's in the city (Miller's, Moishe's, Max's). Afterwards I was upset I didn't get the chicken salad or the station 7 which comes with chicken, honey mustard, and some peppers. I highly recommend Mr. Pickles sandwich shop - but not for the pastrami. What can I say, you live and you learn.

It's about 30 minutes till I head out to Ted's and I've done this post very stealthy at work, just so I could try to post it to get everyone's attention to the National Holiday. January 14th will be on my calendar for years to come as the recognized National Hot Pastrami Day as I hope it will be for all who read this blog.

-Pastrami King


Larry said...

Thanks so much from Togo's! See you at 3.

Geoff said...

Is it worth being late for work to indulge in a free pastrami at Togos?

Anonymous said...

I hope its the same Pastrami that Langer's uses! RC I think.